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Walther Simmer developed the Simmerring in 1929. Since then, the original radial shaft seal has undergone many developments. Today, the Simmerring is a versatile, flexible high-tech product which can be used on a modular basis. 
The Simmerring spectrum of products from Simrit is the leading one in the world. It encompasses a comprehensive standard range with more than 3500 variants in various materials. Customer-specific solutions are also available to meet individual requirements and special application needs. 

The Simmerring is used for sealing rotary shafts, primarily in general mechanical engineering, in agricultural and construction machinery, in power transmission engineering, in electrical engineering and in wind power plants.
Guarnizioni Simrit
 Merkel hydraulic components

With 7300 standard dimensions, Simrit has the leading range in piston and rod seals, wipers and guides for hydraulic systems. The standard materials used are NBR, PTFE and polyurethane. Customer-specific products made from various materials are also available.
Merkel hydraulic components are used, for example, in hydraulic cylinders in general mechanical engineering, in mobile hydraulics (including agricultural and construction machinery) and in heavy machinery construction.
Guarnizioni Simrit
Merkel hydraulic components
 Merkel pneumatic components

With 500 dimensions, Simrit has the leading range inf piston and rod seals, wipers and guides for pneumatic systems. Customer-specific products made of various materials are also available.

Merkel pneumatic components are used in pneumatic cylinders in general mechanical engineering, in automation engineering, in the food and packaging industries and in materials-handling technology.
Guarnizioni Simrit
Merkel pneumatic components
 Merkel packings

Simrit has the leading range in stuffing-box packing products. Over 80 dimensions and numerous materials make for a high-performance complete range. 

Merkel packings are used in pumps, in fittings, in valves and in plant and apparatus engineering.


Guarnizioni Simrit
Merkel packings

 Integral Accumulator hydro-accumulator

Accumulators were originally developed as energy accumulators. Modern hydro-accumulators are also used for damping, to balance out leakage and volume and for pulsation damping. The Simrit range covers diaphragm and piston accumulators and valve units used in conjunction with diaphragm accumulators. 

Integral accumulator hydro-accumulators are used in agricultural and construction machinery, in wind power plants, in machine tools and in high pressure cleaners.
Guarnizioni Simrit
Integral Accumulator hydro-accumulator

 Meillor Flat and Frame Seals

Simrit has a wide standard range of flat and frame seals for static use. These are available in various materials and customer-specific dimensions.

The product range includes cylinder head seals, frame seals, water pump seals, compressor gas seals for air-conditioning systems, decoupling elements, chain case cover seals and metallic seals. 

Areas of application for Meillor flat and frame seals include water pumps, compressors, engine casings, generators, combustion engines and air-conditioning systems. 
Guarnizioni Simrit
Meillor Flat and Frame Seals

 ISC O-Ring

Thanks to comprehensive materials expertise, state-of-the-art production and quality assurance methods, ISC O-rings fulfil the demands made of them. Whether they are used with liquid or gaseous media, ISC O-rings are reliable seals in all material qualities available. In addition to the wide standard range including more than 2300 dimensions, we can also provide custom shapes and sizes and special materials compounds for extreme operating conditions. 

ISC O-rings are used in medical technology, pumps, fittings, the aerospace industry and the semiconductor industry. 
Guarnizioni Simrit
ISC O-Ring

 Special Sealing Products: Bellows

Bellows serve as protective elements – for example, in rods and machine parts with axial movements – to protect against dirt, water spray, dust and weathering. Over 250 different dimensions in the standard range and numerous customer-specific developments add together to form a comprehensive range. 

The applications of Simrit bellows are varied, including the agricultural and construction machinery industries, mechanical engineering (e.g. pneumatic applications) and materials-handling technology. At the same time, bellows made from high-performance, effective, specialist materials are used in electrical engineering and medicine and food technology because of the challenging demands in terms of physical and chemical resistance which need to be fulfilled.
Guarnizioni Simrit
Special Sealing Products: Bellows

 Special Sealing Products: Diaphragms

If, for specific applications, manufacturers need to connect components to one another flexibly, separate chambers between them and at the same time provide a sealed partition, this can almost always be achieved by using a diaphragm made of an elastic material. 

As well as diaphragms designed on a customer-specific basis, we offer a comprehensive standard range with over 300 different dimensions. This includes long stroke rolling diaphragms, diaphragms for air brake systems, elastomer coated fabrics (fabrics rubberised on both sides) and plate goods made of the different materials and material combinations.

Diaphragms are used in nearly all sectors of industry, e.g. in pumps, compressors, hydro-accumulators, valves and controllers.
Guarnizioni Simrit
Special Sealing Products: Diaphragms

 Special Sealing Products: elastomer composite parts and precision mouldings

Elastomer composite parts fulfil rigorous functional demands by providing individual product solutions. Application-oriented optimisation of elastomer properties and geometries forms the basis for these high-performance products. 

The areas of application of elastomer composite parts and precision mouldings are primarily

measurement and control engineering, industrial fittings and valves, power engines, food technology and medical technology.
Guarnizioni Simrit

 Vibration Control

As well as a comprehensive standard range consisting of over 600 variants of vibration damping and isolation products, we can also provide the perfect solution for any individual problem. 

In line with the increasingly challenging demands placed on machines and assemblies, Simrit vibration control components increase the service life and the operating comfort by reducing vibrations and noise. Simrit vibration control components are used in agricultural and construction machinery to mount axles, engines and cabins. Further areas of application include general mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, wind power plants and power transmission engineering.
Guarnizioni Simrit
Vibration Control
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